Holder Timmons Engineering LLC. provides expert engineering and consulting services for all aspects of aquaculture activity. Our HTE team is composed of acknowledged experts within their specialty, and HTE now offers their expertise to you.

HTE's range of services includes:

Product market strategy planning and business economic analysis

HTE will analyze the client general business strategy and perform potential market analysis. Other products available include business models for development of specific production output farms for target markets, e.g. 100K, 250K, 500K and 1000K lb per year farms, and single or multiyear Proforma containing an income statement and balance sheet appropriate for financial analysis. Analysis can also include a comparison of the individual farming models to demonstrate the impact of such things as feed conversion efficiency, capital cost, labor costs, and growth rates on overall production costs.

RAS Engineering and Design

HTE will develop facility and system specifications as necessary to construct and outfit an aquaculture facility using state of the art Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) technology. In conjunction with facility and system specifications, HTE will develop specifications and bidding sheets for equipment necessary to outfit the facility to include individual equipment item specifications (e.g., pumps, biofilters, CO2 stripping, feeding systems, ozone equipment, tank sizes and numbers, backup generator, water testing equipment, monitoring system).

HTE will develop custom facility and system designs based on client specifications for turn-key Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS). Designs will include identification of staffing and support requirements (laboratory and quality assurance requirements, feed storage and handling, etc.)

System and Facility Support

HTE will develop and provide training to client RAS operators at any level of instruction needed. We will develop and provide training for client staff members having no prior aquaculture experience, or provide specialized training on any aspect of aquaculture operation desired. For example, if a client is expanding an operation to include a RAS, or is retrofitting an older, less efficient technology with the HTM Biofilter TM , HTE will tailor a training program to that purpose.

HTE will develop a RAS facility data repository, including a library of system and facility operating and service manuals, to include theory of operation, troubleshooting and problem diagnosis, system servicing and repair, and equipment and parts identification.

HTE will provide RAS project management and supervision, assuring that the client's specifications and blueprints are implemented correctly, and on schedule.

HTE will provide water quality and bio-security assessments of exisiting operations, and recommend remedial or corrective actions as appropriate.


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