Deciding to build a hen house can be a fun project that does not have to take long, all you need is a good set of poultry house plans.  A hen house is more or less a simple box with a roof to give your hens a place to shelter out of the elements. There is a little more to it and with a little help and a good set of hen house plans you can build one in a weekend or two.

When considering where you want to build a hen house there are several factors that need to be taken into consideration before you start. Your hen house needs to be located where there is some shade if possible. It should have windows on the south facing wall to allow the sun to warm the inside of the hen house during the colder months. รับสร้างบ้านโคราช

When you build a hen house it should include adequate ventilation either by way of the window that faces the south or with roof vents built in. The south facing window is a necessity as it allows the summer breezes to cool the inside of the house and help keep it dry. If you are starting from scratch consider a cement floor with a raised wall made up of one or two layers of block to help keep predators out and your hens in.

One thing to consider when you build a hen house it that it  should have a door that is big enough for you to get through; this will allow you to accomplish several important tasks. It will allow you collect the eggs that your hens have laid, you will be able to sweep and shovel out the dirty straw and droppings and during the months when the weather is too nasty for them to be fed outside you will be able to feed them in a nice warm dry environment. Your door will also allow you to safely lock your hens in at night to prevent theft. You should also take care to make sure that the finished interior is free of nails or splinters that the hens can injure themselves on.

A properly built hen house will keep your hens safe and healthy and bring you years of fresh eggs and meat.


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